A rose for emily dust imagery

First and foremost among those factors, snowcover water content i. Then, although the presence of dark mineral dust at or near the snowcover surface during daytime always accelerates snowmelt rates by reducing snow albedo and increasing absorption of solar radiation, dust-on-snow does not automatically result in an early runoff cycle.

A rose for emily dust imagery

Extraordinary satellite imagery captures the ferocity of wildfires that recently roared through the High Plains By Tom Yulsman April 25, The Sentinel-2 satellite captured this image of a wildfire burning near Putnam, Oklahoma on April 13, At the time, on April 13th, the blaze was just getting going.

As Henson puts it: The landscape of the Southern High Plains has been extraordinarily dry over the last six months.

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More about those in just a minute. But first, some details about the extraordinary image at the top of the post: The infrared data acquired by the satellite allow us to see those flame-like features. But if your eyes were sensitive to infrared — to the intense heat billowing from the raging fire — this is what it would like.

Before moving on to a broader view of the High Plains, I want to give an enthusiastic shout-out to Pierre Markuse. You can find more of his spectacular remote sensing work on his Flickr page. Click on the image for the animation, and watch for blowing dust in the circled part of the screenshot, as well as the heat signatures from wildfires.

A rose for emily dust imagery

As the false-color animation gets going, watch for the appearance of orange hot spots indicative of wildfires being fanned by high winds. Also look for huge amounts of dust originating in Colorado and blowing hundreds of miles to the east by those winds.

A rose for emily dust imagery

A personal note about those winds: I commented to my wife that the sky was filled with dust. I was very nearly blown off my feet.

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But an elderly man with a cane toppled over. Tragically, a woman was killed in Boulder when those winds caused a tree limb to fall on her.Poets' Corner - A, B - Catalog of online works indexed alphabetically by author. The Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies (CSAS) is home to “CODOS”, the Colorado Dust-on-Snow program, an applied science effort on behalf of Colorado and regional water management grupobittia.com operates the Senator Beck Basin study area at Red Mountain Pass as the primary sentry site for the CODOS program.

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