A topic to write about to congress

When Writing Use the talking points to craft a brief letter no more than a page to your Member of Congress and be sure to add a personal anecdote that highlights the impact of effective professional learning.

A topic to write about to congress

It might even be dead. President Barack Obama doesn't seem to mind. And while lawmakers say they don't want to give up their check on a commander-in-chief's authority to use military might, they have little interest in having what would be the first war vote in Congress in 13 years.

a topic to write about to congress

But his five words said a lot. Today, there is hardly a word about it on Capitol Hill. I wish I were," Rep. He believes that if a new military force authorization is not passed, the current Congress will have done more to weaken its own power as a check on the executive branch than any other Congress in memory.

Bush for the war on al-Qaida and the Iraq invasion. The act, passed during the Vietnam War, serves as a constitutional check on presidential power to declare war without congressional consent.

It requires presidents to notify Congress within 48 hours of military action and limits the use of military forces to no more than 60 days unless Congress authorizes force or declares war.

Obama has insisted that he is on firm legal footing in sending more than 4, U.

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But he also has said that he would welcome a new authorization to cover the current military operations. Generally, conservatives want Congress to approve broad authorities for the president to fight IS militants with no limits on ground troops.

They say banning U. Other lawmakers want any new war powers to be narrowly defined to give the president authority to train and equip local forces and conduct airstrikes but not to launch a combat mission on the ground.

The fighting in Iraq heated up again this weekend as the contested city of Ramadi fell to the Islamic State group on Sunday, and Iraqi forces abandoned their weapons and armored vehicles to flee the provincial capital in a major loss despite intensified U.

The war powers issue was a hot topic on Capitol Hill late last year. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee called administration officials in to testify.

The panel eventually passed a new authorization on Dec. The plan was to wait until after the new Congress was seated in January. Then lawmakers decided to wait until Obama sent Congress a written draft of what he wanted in a new authorization.

He did that in February, but there was little response. Some lawmakers pledged to focus on the authorization after finishing legislation on the Iran nuclear deal.

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That bill was sent to the White House on Thursday, but there's still no indication that the war powers issue is going to gain traction. Corker isn't optimistic either. He said not one Democrat backs what he termed the "limited" authorization Obama sent to Congress. Under Obama's proposal, the use of military force against Islamic State fighters would be authorized for three years, unrestricted by national borders.

The fight could be extended to any "closely related successor entity" to the IS extremists, but the measure does not authorize large-scale ground operations.

Corker said some Republicans, who do not think the White House has a strategy in Syria, don't want to limit the authorization because it would appear that they are "embracing a nonstrategy in Syria.Write to Congress. Bread for the World urges elected leaders in Washington, D.C., to enable people in our nation and our world to feed their families and move out of poverty.

A persuasive essay on a topic as charged as the environment can take several forms and directions. This is a very personal and emotional issue.

Most everyone is environmentally diverse and also environmental topics are, such as. With Democrats taking over the U.S. House, Congress may grind to a halt.

Red and blue states, meanwhile, will go their separate ways on abortion, taxes, education, health and voting rights. Health care is a broad and widely debated topic that could take on a variety of forms. A bill proposing free health care to all students, from kindergarten through higher education, will strike home with the students portraying the model congress.

For this task, you will write a letter on one of the topics related to freedom of expression and the limits on freedom of speech. Choose one of the topics listed below.

a topic to write about to congress

Think about which aspect of the topic you will write . When writing an essay, the first problem you might face is deciding on what topic to choose, which is pretty ironic if you’re writing a problem-solution essay.. The way out of that dilemma is to choose an issue that you’re really passionate about.

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