After january english oral essay

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After january english oral essay

At age 23, Wells published a booklet "An Essay on Teeth" in which he advocated for his ideas in preventive dentistry, particularly for the use of a toothbrush. In his booklet, he also described tooth development and oral diseases, where he mentioned diet, infection, and oral hygiene as important factors.

Mortonwho would become famous for his use of ether as an anesthetic on October 16, Career[ edit ] After he completed his dental training in Boston, Wells opened his own office in Hartford, Connecticut on April 4, Among his patients were respected members of society such as William Ellsworth, the governor of Connecticut.

His three apprentices were John Riggs, C. Kingsbury, and William Morton. During the demonstration, a local apothecary shop clerk Samuel A.

After january english oral essay

Cooley became intoxicated by nitrous oxide. While under the influence, Cooley did not react when he struck his legs against a wooden bench while jumping around. From this demonstration, Wells realized the potential for the analgesic properties of nitrous oxideand met with Colton about conducting trials.

He chose to go to Boston in January where he previously studied dentistry, and also knew William Mortona former student and associate. Morton was enrolled in Harvard Medical School at the time and agreed to help Wells introduce his ideas, although Morton was skeptical about the use of nitrous oxide.

However, the gas was improperly administered and the patient cried out in pain. The patient later admitted that although he cried out in pain, he remembered no pain and did not know when the tooth was extracted.

After the embarrassment from his failed demonstration, Wells immediately returned home to Hartford the next day.

Shortly after, he became ill and his dental practice became sporadic. On February 5,Wells advertised his home for rent.

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In OctoberMorton gave a successful demonstration of ether anesthesia in Boston. Following Morton's demonstration, Wells published a letter accounting his successful trials in in an attempt to claim the discovery of anesthesia.

His efforts in establishing his claim were mostly unsuccessful. His reasons for closing his office were due to ill health, however his physician could not find any physical cause to his nonspecific somatic complaints.

Wells also became ill shortly after marrying his wife Elizabeth Wales in and having his only son Charles Thomas Wells. After definitively ending his dental practice in lateWells became a salesman of shower baths which he received a patent for on November 4, He traveled to Paris in earlywhere he petitioned the Academie Royale de Medicine and the Parisian Medical Society for recognition in the discovery of anesthesia.

He began self-experimenting with ether and chloroform, in which he became addicted to the latter. He was committed to New York's infamous Tombs Prison.

As the influence of the drug waned, Wells' mind started to clear. In despair, he realised the horror of what he had done. Wells requested the guards to escort him to his house to pick up his shaving kit. Legacy[ edit ] Twelve days before his death, the Parisian Medical Society had voted and honored him as the first to discover and perform surgical operations without pain.

In addition, he was elected an honorary member and awarded an honorary MD degree. However, Wells died unaware of these decisions.

He was known for caring about his patient's comfort.

After january english oral essay

The American Dental Association honored Wells posthumously in as the discoverer of modern anesthesia, and the American Medical Association recognized his achievement in In popular culture[ edit ] The story of Dr. Wells' self-experimentation with drugs was explored in an episode of Science Channel's Dark Matters: A full-length theatrical production, entitled Ether Dome, written by Elizabeth Egloff and directed by Michael Wilson centers around the story of Horace Wells' discovery of nitrous oxide as an anesthetic, as well as the life of his protege and partner, William Morton.OBELISK: Also called a dagger, this punctuation mark looks much like a Christian texts used this mark to indicate a digression or extraneous text moved out of the main body of the essay and relocated at the bottom of the page as a sidenote.

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