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Dlmwrite add header pin

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dlmwrite add header pin

The Case for CrypTool Different methods to transfer video information from the VoD server to subscribers are considered. Three strategies to limit the downstream video traffic are suggested. Unicast Communication Strategy This is a point-to-point communication channel which means that unicast establishes communication between a single sender and a single receiver over the network.

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With unicast, as shown in Fig. VOD networks are developed to deliver video files to distant users with minimal delay and free interactivity [1]. Traditionally, the VoD service is based on a centralized architecture. However, this architecture cannot provide the quality of service needed to a large population of users due to its limited outbound channel capacity from the server to the clients.

Recently, a peer-to-peer P2P architecture was proposed to meet the challenge of providing live and interactive video broadcast to a large number of clients over a wide area [2].

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A P2P-based architecture is appropriate enough for the design of a scalable VoD services distribution architecture as the computing and bandwidth requirements are pushed toward the network clients side. Besides, it allows optimal use of the network resources by building multisource streams from neighbouring contributing clients to a requesting client.

This in turns results in minimizing the VoD request rejection rates for a very large content library [3]. The aim of this work is to compare the methods of video information transmission from VoD server to subscribers and to choose the most appropriate one in terms of price, quality and complexity of implementation.The programme also selects specific oceanic region like the Nino-4 and Nino-BP to compute daily mean SST over the region and can add into previous days data to generate a real time trend.

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