Duke university college application essay

What is early acceptance?

Duke university college application essay

Application Instructions Application Checklist The following items are required. You will be notified by email once your application has been received.

The email will include instructions on how to check your file status online. Required items should be submitted as soon as possible.

Applications that are missing required material will be reviewed later in the cycle and Duke university college application essay decisions will be rendered based on the information that exists in the file at that time.

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The non-refundable payment must be submitted electronically with the application. If you received a waiver of the fees associated with taking the LSAT, your application fee will be waived automatically. We do not offer automatic service-related fee waivers.

Fee waivers are granted one-time-only. If you were granted a fee waiver for a previous application, you would not be eligible. We will be unable to consider requests received after the priority application deadline of February A decision on your need-based fee waiver request must be received prior to submitting the application electronically, so plan ahead.

The 139 schools planning to accept the Coalition Application for 2019/2020 are:

If you submit the application prior to receiving a decision, the request will be denied. Notification will be sent by email.

Please provide complete information and include your significant work experience, educational history, college and community activities, honors and awards you have received, any prior Duke affiliation, and dates for all items listed.

There is no required length or page limit. You will be required to submit a personal statement as an attachment. If your personal statement does not directly address your interest in attending law school and practicing law, we strongly encourage you to write Optional Essay 1.

You are invited to supplement your personal statement with either or both of the following optional essays. You may submit an essay providing additional information about why you have chosen to apply to law school in general and Duke in particular.

This approach ensures the best and most relevant possible legal training and serves the legal profession by training lawyers to effectively serve an increasingly diverse society.

Examples of topics include but are not limited to: The personal statement, optional essays, and all other writing samples must be your own work. This means that the ideas and expressions originated with you, and you wrote all drafts and the final product.

It does not preclude asking family members, friends, pre-law advisors, and others for proofreading assistance or general feedback. Unless you have been out of school for some time, at least one letter should come from an academic instructor who has personal knowledge of your performance and potential.

A second letter should come from someone who can address your interpersonal skills, leadership, and involvement, such as a supervisor or advisor from a job, internship, or student organization.

Additional letters from either source may also be submitted. If you have been out of school for long enough that an academic reference is not available, you may submit an additional employment letter in its place. References from friends, family friends, and relatives are discouraged.

You should choose a test date that provides sufficient time for thorough preparation, preferably no later than the November administration. The January test is available for those who decide to apply to law school later in the cycle, or for those who wish to retake the test.

Duke considers all LSAT scores that are submitted, in the context of the entire application transcripts, personal statement, letters of recommendation, evidence of leadership and engagement, and other information.

In the case of multiple test scores, data show that the average score is generally the most useful in predicting law school performance; however, Duke may place greater weight on a high score if the applicant provides compelling information about why that score is a better indication of his or her potential.

If you feel that one or more of your test scores does not accurately reflect your ability or potential, please use the Miscellaneous Addendum attachment to explain this disparity. Duke does not waive the LSAT requirement. You may submit the application prior to taking the LSAT and we will hold your file until the required score is available.

Additional member schools that will accept the Coalition Application for 2020/2021 are:

If you will be retaking the LSAT, and you want the new score to be considered during the evaluation process, select the date that you will retake the LSAT in the appropriate section on the application.

Notify the Office of Admissions if you decide to retake the LSAT after you submit the application and you would like to have your file placed on hold to wait on the new score. Transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate work must be submitted directly to the CAS. Foreign Transcripts Duke Law School requires that foreign transcripts be submitted through the CAS if you received your degree from an institution outside the U.Merit Scholarships.

Duke University offers a limited number of merit scholarships. Applicants are automatically considered for Duke merit scholarships by virtue of their admissions application. The quality of thought and expression in the application essay; Duke University's Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and Pratt School of Engineering award a limited amount of course credit and advanced placement on the basis of scores earned on Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and pre-matriculation college course.

Duke university college application essay

Top 4 Successful Duke Essays. These college essays are from students who got accepted at Duke grupobittia.com them to get inspiration for your own essays and knock the socks off those admissions .

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Ivy Coach College Admissions Blog "Way to tell it like it is, Ivy Coach" - The Dartmouth. Duke Admissions Essay, Duke Essays for Admission, Duke University Admissions Essays.

Duke Admissions Tells It Like It Is. Duke University Class of Coach K and Duke. A Salute to Duke University.

Duke university college application essay

1 Comment. Michelle says: November 26, at pm. Aug 02,  · Picture this before you plop yourself down in front of your computer to compose your college application essay: A winter-lit room is crammed .

Residential participants in the Cracking the Code: High School Crypto-Camp will live on Duke’s East Campus for the duration of the program.

They will live in Randolph Residence Hall, an air-conditioned residence hall on Duke's East Campus and eat their meals in the campus dining grupobittia.com are expected to have the independence and maturity to make responsible decisions for themselves about.

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