E paper technology ppt

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E paper technology ppt

Published on Nov 14, Abstract E-paper is a revolutionary material that can be used to make next generation I, electronic displays. It is portable reusable storage and display medium that look like paper but can be repeatedly written one thousands of times.

These displays make the beginning of a new area for battery power information applications such as cell phones, pagers, watches and hand-held computers etc.

Two companies are carrying our pioneering works in the field of development of electronic ink and both have developed ingenious methods to produce electronic ink.

E-Paper Technology | Seminar Report and PPT for CSE Students

One is E-ink, a company based at Cambridge, in U. Both technologies being developed commercially for electronically configurable paper like displays rely on microscopic beads that change color in response to the charges on nearby electrodes.

Like traditional paper, E-paper must be lightweight, flexible, glare free and low cost. Research found that in just few years this technology could replace paper in E paper technology ppt situations and leading us ink a truly paperless world.

Electronic ink is a pioneering invention that combines all the desired features of a modern electronic display and the sheer convenience and physical versatility of sheet of paper.

E-paper or electronic paper is sometimes called radio paper or smart paper. Paper would be perfect except for one obvious thing: The technology has been identified and developed is well under way. Within five years, it is envisioned electronic books that can display volumes of information as easily as flipping a page and permanent newspapers that update themselves daily via wireless broadcast.

They deliver the readability of paper under b virtually any condition, without backlighting.

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And electronic ink displays are persistent without power, drawing current only when they change, which means batteries can be smaller and last longer. The first electronic paper, called Gyricon, consisted of polyethylene spheres between 75 and micrometers across.

Each sphere is a Janus particle composed of negatively charged black plastic on one side and positively charged white plastic on the other each bead is thus a dipole. The spheres are embedded in a transparent silicone sheet, with each sphere suspended in a bubble of oil so that they can rotate freely.

The polarity of the voltage applied to each pair of electrodes then determines whether the white or black side is face-up, thus giving the pixel a white or black appearance. At the FPD exhibition, Japanese company Soken has demonstrated a wall with electronic wall-paper using this technology Electrophoretic An electrophoretic display forms visible images by rearranging charged pigment particles using an applied electric field.

In the simplest implementation of an electrophoretic display, titanium dioxide particles approximately one micrometer in diameter are dispersed in a hydrocarbon oil.

E-Paper Technology

A dark-colored dye is also added to the oil, along with surfactants and charging agents that cause the particles to take on an electric charge. This mixture is placed between two parallel, conductive plates separated by a gap of 10 to micrometers.E-Paper is also called Electronic Paper or Electronic ink Display.

E-paper have a wide viewing angle.. The first E-Paper was developed in ’s by “Nicholas K Sheridon” at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Centre. E-Paper is flexible. It is a display unit.

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A digital pen is also used to create handwritten document. A Presentation On E-PAPER CONCLUSION Researches found that in just few yearsthis technology can replace paper in manysituations, leading us to think of a trulypaperless world. E journals ppt latest natashagandhi Ebook PowerPoint Preston Salisbury.

E-Paper Technology Seminar and PPT with pdf report: E-paper is considered more comfortable to read than conventional displays.

E paper technology ppt

It is used in various fields such as Electronic Book, Electronic Newspaper, Mobile display and Computer monitor. Electronic paper goes by many names: e-paper, sometimes spelled as ePaper, electronic ink and (generically, after the company that manufactures it) also e ink.

All of these names describe the exact same thing: a technology that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. E PAPER PPT - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.5/5(1).

E PAPER PPT - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.5/5(1).

E-Paper Technology Seminar PPT with Pdf Report