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You can also explore more sources of news and learn how to subscribe to news releases. Infrastructure and the Maintenance Backlog Maintaining the roads and bridges, visitor centers, historic buildings, trails, and campgrounds that make parks such incredible places to visit is an enormous task.

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Hot Topics — Proxy season highlights July Jul 31, Recent regulatory developments and the expectation of future governance-related legislation have boards and financial executives seeking insights into leading trends and practices. This edition of Hot Topics provides meaningful insight into proxy season considerations and other governance developments.

Hot Topics — What does an effective board education program look like? June Jun 28, A robust board education program features activities such as recurring director training and developmental programming on a wide range of topics, from onboarding to continuing education to updates on emerging issues.

This edition of Hot Topics discusses common practices related to the frequency, focus, and method of delivery of effective board education programs.

Hot Topics — Is your board governing itself effectively? May May 31, Corporate governance is an essential element that assists boards in carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities.

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It also helps boards improve their overall operating effectiveness. High-performing boards understand that the infrastructure, effectiveness, and engagement are not an exhaustive list for board governance. This edition of Hot Topics discusses the key areas that can help boards operate more efficiently in order to make informed decisions.

Hot Topics — The board's role in cultivating a risk-intelligent culture April Apr 30, Cultivating a risk-intelligent culture is more than establishing a code of ethics and completing a risk assessment. Economic events have highlighted weaknesses in many organizations in the area of risk governance and management.

Recent studies indicate progress on revamping governance practices and establishing infrastructures, but there is still a need for cultivating a risk-intelligent culture. This edition of Hot Topics discusses possible steps to create this culture.

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Hot Topics — Integrity in the boardroom: What does it really mean? This edition of Hot Topics discusses how boards can help set the ethical tone for the entire organization and actively participate in programs designed to promote compliance, integrity, and ethics.

Hot Topics — Framing the future of corporate governance February Feb 28, This edition of Hot Topics explores important issues affecting enterprise-wide corporate governance and how an effective framework can help address risk management. It also highlights the risk-intelligent enterprise, tools for addressing governance risk, and attributes that contribute to effective governance.

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Hot Topics — Elevating board effectiveness: Monitoring corporate performance January Jan 31, This edition of Hot Topics discusses monitoring corporate performance. An effective board monitors the overall performance of an organization, which includes its operational, strategic, and financial objectives.Oct 30,  · This page is the new incarnation of the old St Ambrose University selective web index called "Best Information on the Net - Hot Paper Topics" which ran from What's New School Year.

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For the New Adoption Process for Instructional Materials for Educators – Phase I (word) (8/1/18). Infrastructure and the Maintenance Backlog. Maintaining the roads and bridges, visitor centers, historic buildings, trails, and campgrounds that make parks such incredible places to visit is an enormous task.

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