How i came to love reading

However, without doubt, it is friendship which keeps our spinning existence on an even keel. True friendship provides so many of the essentials for a happy life —it is the foundation on which to build an enduring relationship,it is the mortar which bonds us together in harmony, and it is the calm, warm protection we sometimes need when the world outside seems cold and chaotic. True friendship holds a mirror to our foibles and failings, without destroying our sense of worthiness.

How i came to love reading

Simone Jung Recently I was finishing up a fantasy series I had started. Throughout the series, each book I read was about — pages long. It seemed pretty average for any story, so I continued to read the books with all my love and attention.

How i came to love reading

Then, I finally got to the final book and realized something very quickly. This book is over pages long. How did I not know that the final book was going to be this long?

Was I prepared to read something this lengthy? What happened to the other books in the series being way shorter?

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When it comes to reading really big novels, you need to come prepared. You brace yourself for the length and mentally prepare to read. Take Your Time I think the best advice I can give you when it comes to reading pretty massive novels is to take your time.

I found myself constantly challenging myself.

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Read pages today. Read all day and forget all of your other projects and concerns. Grab your book and check out the table of contents.

Are there ways to break up the book into smaller, manageable chunks? If so, use post-its or darts to bookmark these pages. I also like to write a little note to myself at that point to write my thoughts. This is why I love annotating books, keeping a bookish journal, and writing my thoughts after every part that I read.

I want to make sure I remember everything that happens and keep my notes organized for my final review. What do you do to prepare yourself for big books?The Houston Rockets probably are the second-best team in the Western Conference.

They came up just short of dethroning the Golden State Warriors by taking the defending champs to a Game 7 in the. Below are resources I use each week with my Reading Street series. Currently, I have posted Tic-Tac-Toe menu boards, newsletters, and vocabulary matching cards.

I update the page weekly, so be sure to check by and see the new resources. A Short Story: How I Came to Love Reading This is the story of how I came to love reading, how I learned through the mistakes I made in my life and followed my passion of helping people to become.

The Mother-Daughter Book Club: How Ten Busy Mothers and Daughters Came Together to Talk, Laugh and Learn Through Their Love of Reading by Dodson, Shireen and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Home > Reading Islam > Finding Peace > Remembering Allah > How I Came to Love the Prayer as a Muslim How I Came to Love the Prayer as a Muslim Through the prayers they offer, Muslims develop a constant link with their Creator.

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