Iphone vs android showdown

This used to be one of the futuristic things for me back in early before the advent of smartphones and continued to be something I wished I had on my phone till recently. With things like Siri and Google Now, voice recognition has reached new levels of accuracy, smartness and utility. There are also apps that allow you to send an email or a Whatsapp message by dictating to it.

Iphone vs android showdown

Your video, "Camera showdown: But it starts Towards the trees and buildings around the edges of the shot. The general shots of landscapes and scenery, the photos on the iPhone tend to look brighter with richer colors while the OnePlus looks duller with less color saturation.

The OnePlus is more true to life, as you can see in this photo of a car on a foggy San Francisco day. They both record slow motion at frames per second in full HD. And at 2x zoom, the iPhone iPhone X really pushes ahead.

The OnePlus has a second 20 megapixel lens dedicated to portrait so it can get a much wider shot with that blurred background effect which has more dramatic blur. This works great when you want to capture more than just a face. And neither one nails the color temperature.

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The iPhone makes people look slightly redder with more contrast, while the OnePlus washes out skin tone. Both also have portrait mode on the front camera and use software to create the blur. For getting the effect on the iPhone is tough, and when it does get it Well, see for yourself.

The blur on the OnePlus was more consistent and looks sharper thanks to that 16 megapixel camera versus the iPhone 7 megapixel selfie camera. Some shots I prefer the OnePlus, others the iPhone, but there was no clear winner in this category, at least in stills.

We loved the OnePlus for its true-to life-colors and its wide-angle portraits, but the iPhone makes shots look more vibrant and you get more detail in those portraits.

What is clear, is that the camera on the OnePlus is able to compete at the same level, and sometimes even outperform the iPhone, despite the price difference. Pixel 2 camera showdown 4: Watch the cameras in action 5: Dual rear camera shootout 3: Pixel 2 video camera shootout 3: Which takes better photos?

Video camera comparison 3: Galaxy Note 8 2:Dec 01,  · Editors' note: CNET is a division of CBS, which also owns several TV networks -- including CBS, Showtime, Pop and CBS Sports -- relevant to the discussions below..

But Dave, I .

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Safari has long been the go-to browser on the iPhone, but after Apple finally opened up the secret speed enhancements in Safari to other browsers way back in iOS 8, it’s now possible to ditch. Android 6 Vs.

Iphone vs android showdown

iOS 9: The Showdown. David Nield.

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if you’re using its apps on an iPhone ahead of Apple’s, Google is probably almost as pleased as it would be had you bought an Android. Mar 08,  · Evernote has long been one of the best productivity apps.

Even though rising costs have lessened the value proposition, long-time users will have a hard time finding a better replacement. iPhone Xs and Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9: $1, phablet spec showdown The best of Apple against the best of Android.

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