Mabel s labels write away stationary

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Mabel s labels write away stationary

It's already been a really chaotic semester! Let me catch you up on life here at GW. Getting full swing into the semester, we're all starting to feel the pressure of the workload. I've written my first paper, handed in my first assignments, got my first grades back. But stepping back from the academics, GW Theatre has been alive and kicking the past few weeks!

Two weekends ago, we had two phenomenal shows open - William Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors, a classic farse about separated twins and mixed identifies, and Dolly West's Kitchen, a drama set during WWII-America about the conflicts abroad coming into the home.

In addition to the two phenomenal plays, receSs, the resident improv troupe here on campus, had their welcome back show that Friday night. In the community, we always say that when we have a jam-packed weekend like that, that it's a "great weekend for GW theatre.

This past week has been devoted to two things: With the opening and therefore closing of shows, there comes the rounds of auditions. The two companies whose shows went up two weekends ago held auditions this week for the new round of productions.

But for me, I'm already part of Forbidden Planet Production's one of the resident companies 5th Annual Musical Cabaret, which is opening this coming weekend. It's a series of 11 individual numbers, with an over person cast! So I've been spending my nights in rehearsals once again, like last semester, and I could not be happier to be back in the schedule of class-homework-rehearsals.

That being said, I'm sure you've heard of the snow incident we had this past week at GW. Living on the Mount Vernon campus, I had my own unique experience.

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We had a power outage go almost twenty four hours, that leftpeople in the DC area without power. But college students know how to handle stress, so we immediately banded together and began playing hide and seek in the basements here in West Hall.

But don't worry, it was quickly restored; no harm done. Now, this week, for me, is about Cabaret. It is hell week, so we have long hours of rehearsals down in the West Hall theatre on the Mount Vernon campus. I apologize for disappearing, followers, and I promise to check in more this week about the show, and of course blog about its opening!

Going to be around? Come check out the show! Be sure to get here early - it looks like it'll be a full house. Or get your pre-sales outside the Marvin Center to assure yourself a seat. Alright, enough shameless advertising.Visit your local Walmart and find mabel’s labels “Write Away!” labels in the Stationary department.

Look for the display, you can’t miss it!

mabel s labels write away stationary

And look for other great future collaborations between matrix and mabel’s labels both on our blog and in store.

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Every attempt should be made to have league participants come from church members and . This website, gf and me, is Geoff’s and my attempt to pass on what we’ve learned over the last few years.

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Time to write that bestseller! Cherry Brandstater. Words. Three generations of star formation have created shells of gas and dust which are being blown away by radiation from the newborn stars.

Dream Fetching. Pink office supplies - Stationary - School supplies. Dee M Z. Mabel's Labels Write Away Labels are simple to use: lift the overlay and write on the label, press the overlay down, peel and stick your label to your item. Compatible with any permanent marker. Mabel's Labels provides the best customer service and labels in Reviews: 4.

Oct 31,  · These might be larger than what you're looking for, but Mabel's Labels has ones that you can use a Sharpie with to write down the specific colour information. I've seen then being sold at Wal-Mart in the craft/stationary area, actually.

mabel s labels write away stationary
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