Omega speedmaster professional date automatic

Omega Speedmaster collector Alexander experienced something that a lot of us can only dream about: Dead Stock Omega Speedmaster Professional I have been collecting vintage watches long enough to know that unless you cross your path with a watch lover like yourself, talking too much about your hobby could become boring for the ordinary people. His uncle worked in an old fashioned jewelry shop for more than 60 years.

Omega speedmaster professional date automatic

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Early development[ edit ] Omega cal. Instead, it was introduced in as a sport and racing chronograph following on from the early chronographs of the s and s, including the Omega Ina second version, CKwas released with a black aluminum base bezel and later intachymeter bezel and alpha hands.

This was again updated in by references ST Apollo 12and Thomas P. Stafford Gemini 6 Ed White wearing an Omega Speedmaster on EVA during Gemini 4 Chronographs were first developed for use in artillery for battle, but soon came to be indispensable for use in high performance machinery, specifically by pilots, but later also by race car drivers.

The ability to time, and therefore calibrate, fuel consumption, trajectory and other variables allowed for both more efficient travel as well as better pilots and race car drivers. When President Eisenhower decreed that test pilots would be the only permissible option for Project Mercurythe inclusion of a chronograph of some sort was virtually assured.

Instead, bids were officially solicited of several brands already familiar to the pilots who were joining the growing astronaut corps. Brands under official consideration included BreitlingRolexand Omega, as well as others that produced mechanical chronographs.

RolexLongines - Wittnauerand Omega. These watches were all subjected to tests under extreme conditions: Neither the first automatic chronograph nor the first quartz watch would be available untilwell after the space program was underway.

The evaluation concluded in March with the selection of the Speedmaster, which survived the tests while remaining largely within 5 seconds per day rate.

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Several months later, Ed White made the first American space walk during Gemini 4 with a Speedmaster When worn on the wrist, the strap could be wound around several times to shorten its length. These two models would be the two Speedmaster references known to have been worn on the Moon by Apollo astronauts, the original "Moon watches.

Ironically, these and prior models are informally known as "pre-Moon" Speedmasters, since their manufacture predate the Moon landings and lack the inscription subsequent models carry: Although Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong was first to set foot on the Moon, he left his Later, he wrote of his decision: It was optional to wear while we were walking on the surface of the Moon Nonetheless, being a watch guy, I decided to strap the Speedmaster onto my right wrist around the outside of my bulky spacesuit.

In addition to issued crew watches, Apollo 17 carried an additional Speedmaster to lunar orbit as part of the Heat Flow and Convection Experiment conducted by Command Module pilot Ronald Evans. The team successfully used the same reference The was very similar to thebut replaced its column wheel switching mechanism with a cam and increased the beat rate from 18, to 21, vibrations per hour.

Most Speedmaster Professional watches from to the present have used variants of this movement, including the modern rhodium-plated caliber and decorated exhibition calibers and Omega Men's Speedmaster Date Automatic Chronometer Chronograph Blue Dial Watch out of 5 stars 2 customer reviews Available from these sellers/5(2).

Omega Speedmaster is a line of chronograph wristwatches produced by Omega SA. While chronographs have been around since the late s, Omega first introduced this line of chronographs in Since then, many different chronograph movements have been marketed under the Speedmaster name.

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The selection of the "Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph" for American astronauts was the subject of a rivalry between Omega and subsequent manned NASA missions also used this handwound wristwatch. NASA started selecting the chronograph in the early s.

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There is a watch for every man from all walks of life .. Since its foundation by Louis Brandt in , Omega has continually marked the history of watchmaking. The first watch worn on the moon, the OMEGA Speedmaster is one of the most iconic chronographs on Earth.

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Omega speedmaster professional date automatic

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