One use of the slash in academic writing is to show

This creates a disconnect between structure and meaning — the intended action is no longer found in the verb. Most readers expect the main action of a clause to be found in a verb.

One use of the slash in academic writing is to show

Sexist Language and the Indefinite Third Person. The movement away from potentially sexist language has been a mixed blessing. It has replaced the obviously exclusionary workman's compensation with worker's compensation, but it has also replaced waiter or waitress with abominations such as waitperson or, heaven help us, waitron I feel ill.

Most of the time, a little sensitivity will get the job done. This is a delicate question, and there's no one solution. Each student is singular — the is instead of are proves it — so the colloquial their a plural doesn't agree with the verb, and is frowned on by traditionalists.

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There is an indefinite third-person pronoun, one, which was once more common than it is now. It has therefore fallen out of general informal use. There's a place for it in college writing, but its usage can be tricky, and I haven't the time to get into the details here.

If you're not confident, I suggest you avoid one. Some people now advocate a new set of gender-neutral personal pronouns: I confess I find such neologisms merely irritating.

Besides, readers who haven't yet acquired the secret decoder ring will have no idea what zirs means.

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Leaving his and her, or some combination of the two. There are several ways out.

I usually opt for his or her, and do what I can to keep the extra words from being intrusive. Some prefer to mix the occasional his or her together with his's and her's separately; this cuts down on suggestions of sexism without making your writing clumsy.

one use of the slash in academic writing is to show

Another is to use his sometimes, her at other times, although this doesn't feel natural to most writers yet. Finally, you can avoid the problem altogether and make your subject plural whenever possible: Ol' Doc Jack's advice: His or her is probably the best solution, although you should work to avoid very clumsy sentences.

An old distinction, more common in British than in American English, still comes up from time to time. They're not just predicting that the employee's going to do it or the committee is going to form; they're declaring that they must, or at least should, happen. But this rule works only for the second person you and the third person he, she, it, they.

A favorite example to clarify the two: I know, it's confusing, but it's nothing to worry about. Just don't throw shall around unless you know what you're doing. And now bow your heads for a reading from the Book of Judges: And the Gileadites took the passages of Jordan before the Ephraimites:Fan writing works against many academic notions of productivity, the harnessing of that productivity for our curricula vitae, and the use of that productivity in securing tenure.

Fanfic is written and digitally self-published for the sake of enjoyment and engagement rather than for any notions of productivity for profit. The [sic] indicates that you realize that "weak" is the wrong word use, but the mistake appeared in the other person's writing and was not your own.

You may also use brackets to make an editorial statement or clarification within a quote. The most obscure sentences in academic writing are sentences filled to bursting. If your writing lacks clarity, check to see if a long, bad sentence When a word undergoes a marked change from one use to another it's likely to be the subject of dispute.

by yoking two words together with a slash, the writer tells us the words are. Punctuation in Academic Writing Academic punctuation presentation/ Defining your terms practice Choose one of the things below and work together to describe its form and uses in as.

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