Organising an event essay

Home Graduate Jobs Careers Advice Planning And Organising Planning and organising Everyone has dreams and goals, but without planning and organising what you need to do, you'll get nowhere. What is planning and organising? Action planning is a process which helps you to focus your ideas and decide on the steps you need to take in order to achieve a particular goal. Planning is vital at all levels in the work place.

Organising an event essay

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Your motivation and passion will come through in all your communications with attendees and should help you raise lots of money for your cause.

Sharing the experience with a great group of friends passionate about the same cause and music will make putting on the event a lot easier and fun. You will be amazed with the number of great ideas you can come up with just a few like-minded people.

In the last two fundraisers I have put on we have managed to get free venues, free soundmen plus a whole host of sponsors to support the event donating gifts ranging from meals for two and mobile phones.

Ask your friends and bands playing to spread the word and you will be amazed how quickly your event can acquire attendees. Twitter although slightly more scary as currently it is less used has become a great way to raise the profile of your event.

Organising an event essay

It gives you the ability to connect with a wide range of potential attendees but also potential givers and media outlets who could promote your event or cover it. Mentally preparing yourself for the odd hiccup on the way makes dealing with them much easier upon arrival.

Keeping a close eye on what you have made is not only sensible but really exciting as you witness how much money you have raised.

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Recently a senior colleague of mine made a very generous donation. He told me that he had been meaning to give to the Haiti cause and I just gave him that opportunity by setting up a donations page.This was the first time the event had been held in the UK and provided an opportunity for medical experts from the United States, Japan, China, Australia and Europe to share knowledge and address the challenges of osteoarthritis in education, clinical practice and research.

Every fundraising event plan should contain a complete budget listing all of the expenses that will be required to hold the event. Your budget should include staff, invitations, space rental, catering, entertainment, transportation, security, utilities, and anything else that will be required to make the event a success.

Include a description of the event, the schedule, contact people, expenses (include travel, lodging, meals), how and when the author's services will be paid for, and a map. Ask the author to detail his equipment needs when he signs and returns the contract.

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Sporting event 3: sponsored events When sport sponsored events are put on the main objective is to raise money, When sponsored events are done they are usually done to raise money for charity's to help and raise environmental awareness.

Free Essay: Plan and organise an event () The purpose and benefits of planning an event are to ensure the event runs smoothly and to plan. In doing so you.

This requires the agency to estimate how many hours work organising the event will take and caps the fees payable. Percentage of budget: An event planner may also charge according to the total value of the event.

They will typically leverage a fee of between % of the total cost.

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