Revolution and other essays

The Mediterranean and the Euxine were illimitable stretches of ocean waste over which years could be spent in endless wandering. On their mysterious shores were the improbable homes of impossible peoples.

Revolution and other essays

In the course of this book he writes about the need for and inevitable coming of a socialist revolution, his own experiences as an oyster pirate or as he says a fledgling capitalistthe religion of Japan patriotismargues with a supposed expert as to whether dogs can think said expert was dismissive of his giving Buck and White Fang "choices" instead of mere instinct and occasionally makes me squirm with sometimes outright racist comments.

But r Jack London is now one of my culture heroes. But regardless of my qualms or differences in opinion as to what he says, what i am never in doubt about is the fact that he has great courage, and writes from a deep desire to understand and see the world clearly.

Jack London is opinionated. But he is also erudite, well spoken, and a consummate stylist. More importantly he has lived; been in the thick of life, and all his observations are colored by this fact.

He is no armchair intellectual, but one who sees and writes what he believes and thinks. He has great courage, and is unafraid of where his conclusions lead him. To read him, especially here in his essays, is to share in that searching penetrating quest.

First let me deal with what I consider an unfair assertion that Jack London was a racist. While unavoidably being a product of an era that was only just beginning to emerge from a racist and imperialist paradigm, his perception is amazingly beyond his times.

Let me throw a few quotes and you and see if you find the racism in them: It passes over geographical lines, transcends race prejudice, and has even proved itself mightier than the Fourth of July, spread-eagle Americanism of our forefathers.

The French socialist working-men and the German socialist working-men forget Alsace and Lorraine, and, when war threatens, pass resolutions declaring that as working-men and comrades they have no quarrel with each other. We are comrades, brothers, and sisters, and have no reason to fight.

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Your enemies are not the Japanese people, but our militarism and so-called patriotism. Patriotism and militarism are our mutual enemies. Each, plains Indian and bourgeois, is smeared with a slightly different veneer, that is all. It requires a slightly different stick to scrape it off.

The raw animals beneath are identical.

Revolution and Other Essays by Jack London

He is not so ill-disposed toward new ideas and new methods as his history would seem to indicate. True, his forms, customs, and methods have been permanent these many centuries, but this has been due to the fact that his government was in the hands of the learned classes, and that these governing scholars found their salvation lay in suppressing all progressive ideas.

For every swipe London takes at a race other than his own, he ends up comparing them back to the Anglo-Saxons and saying that they are essentially no different.

So why has London acquired the reputation of being a racist? I suspect because anyone who states the truth as plainly as he does is bound to have the establishment besmirch his name in a variety of ways.

Here are just a couple of comments that demonstrate why Jack London will never be the darling of the established classes: On my honour, it will work. Try it some time. It is done every day.

Revolution and other essays

I saw the naked simplicities of the complicated civilization in which I lived. Life was a matter of food and shelter. In order to get food and shelter men sold things. The merchant sold shoes, the politician sold his manhood, and the representative of the people, with exceptions, of course, sold his trust; while nearly all sold their honour.Revolution and Other Essays (Published by Macmillan, ) [ Go to London's Writings] "The present is enough for common souls, Who, never looking forward, are .

Jack London Revolution and other Essays The House Beautiful. Speaking of homes, I am building one now, and I venture to assert that very few homes have received more serious thought in the planning. Read "Revolution & Other Essays “Intelligent men are cruel.

Revolution and other essays

Stupid men are monstrously cruel. ” " by Jack London with Rakuten Kobo. John Griffith "Jack" London was born John Griffith Chaney on January 12th, in San Francisco.

His father, William C. Other revolutions compare with it as asteroids compare with the sun. It is alone of its kind, the first world revolution in a world whose history is replete with revolutions.

And not only this, for it is the first organized movement of men to become a world movement, limited only by the limits of the planet. Revolution, and Other Essays - Kindle edition by Jack London. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Revolution, and Other Essays/5(2).

Revolution and Other Essays By Jack London Collectively, this is not the greatest work of Jack London. But being that Jack London is a mind unlike any other you've probably ever been acquainted with, this is worthy of a 5-star ranking/5.

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