Rogerian essay gay marriage

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Rogerian essay gay marriage

Using at least three sources, craft a Rogerian Argument focusing on a social justice issue of your choosing. Other than the off-limits topics, you are free to select whatever issue interests you, or in which you have emotional investment.

Rogerian essay gay marriage

Remember that, as a Rogerian Argument, you must objectively present both sides of the issue. That is, if your issue is the death penalty, you must present the arguments both in favor of and against the death penalty in the United States. We will write a custom essay sample on Rogerian argument or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Then, after having objectively summarized the main points of both positions, you must argue a possible solution or compromise that would, as much is possible, satisfy both parties, explaining why this solution or compromise would be acceptable to both parties.

Think of yourself as a mediator between two warring groups. It is your job to hear out both sides, and to help them come to a compromise.

Therefore, in order to do so, you must put aside your own personal reactions to the issue. It is your job to provide adequate coverage to all three parts. Off-limits topics include the following: SuperiorGoodAverageWeak The essay meets the requirements of the assignment sheet.

Main points are supported by detail, examples, and explanation; claims are defended with adequate support. The subject is explored in depth exhibits an understanding of the complexities of the topic and is not dominated by too much summary, repetition or unnecessary information.

Both sides of the argument have been fairly and adequately presented. SuperiorGoodAverageWeak The thesis main argument can be easily identified and is appropriate for the assignment. The thesis is developed with supporting points that expand—not just repeat—the thesis, without major digressions or irrelevancies.

Paragraphs are unified and each serves a clear purpose with effective transitions to new ideas. The essay has an overall structure that is logical and easy to follow.

SuperiorGoodAverageWeak The vocabulary is precise and used correctly. The writing is strong and clear. There is variety in vocabulary, sentence length, and sentence structure. Style, tone, and voice are all appropriate for the audience, purpose, and topic.

SuperiorGoodAverageWeak Quotations have been punctuated and cited correctly. Quotations are used as evidence and are explained clearly. Sources are appropriate for the assignment and would suit an academic audience.

Rogerian essay gay marriage

Sources have selected to demonstrate understanding of the differing positions of an issue. Correct spelling and punctuation help to convey points clearly.A2 same sex marriage Gay marriages have been one of the hottest and controversial topics in our society.

There are still problems concerning this issue of homosexuality and gay marriages. The Course to Better Grades. With a little help from experts, you’ll be on your way up, pronto. Here’s how it works.

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Argumentative Essay Against Same Sex Marriages – College Writing Sample. While homosexuality is generally becoming more widely accepted among liberal minded people, same sex marriage is still a detrimental practice for the long-term good of society.

Mar 22,  · Rogerian Essay Supporting Gay Marriage why I believe gay marriage should be legalized. Though I dont have the same views as you have on gay marriage, I do agree with you that marriage between one man.

For the gay marriage debate, one side wants to forbid gay marriage; the other side wants gay marriage. A possible compromise is a “legal union” that gives gay . BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

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