Struggles of an ordinary teenager in luke carvers the falcon

Living in silence by purplelittleninja reviews Percy Jackson is just an average teen trying to get through the struggles of high school and being the only Deaf kid in his school makes it a little more difficult. All he wanted to do was fit in but the other kids just couldn't seem to understand.

Struggles of an ordinary teenager in luke carvers the falcon

The Last Jedi is all about Luke Skywalker and Rey -- both their relationship with each other and the galaxy at large. What is Rey's purpose in the conflict that's engulfed the entire galaxy? She questions this throughout the movie, never quite getting the answer she's searching for.

Luke also struggles with his failures and the reality of his absence from the New Republic and what it means for those he loves. Neither of these characters face easy truths in the middle chapter of the sequel trilogy, and it's only through choosing a path that they're able to come out on top in the end.

Still, without question, Rey and Luke couldn't be more different. Sure, they both have parent issues and are thrust at a young age into a war they never imagined they'd be fighting, but there's much that separates them. For one thing, Rey has accomplished certain feats that Luke never did during his lifetime.

Then there's the fact that Rey just seems more competent at a young age than Luke did when just a farm boy from Tatooine. In fact, here are 15 things that Rey did that Luke never could in the Original Trilogy and beyond: In fact, she's doing much better on Jakku than Luke ever did on his own desert planet.

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While we see Luke having a hard go of it on Tatooine -- whether it's because he wants to get off that rock and join the Imperial Academy or he's being pummeled by Sand People -- Rey is holding her own as both a scavenger and a survivor in a very rough place.

Even when the scummy Unkar Plutt sends his goons to take her down and steal BB-8, Rey holds his own and doesn't need any rescuing. Something awakens inside Rey, which allows her to use the Force against her First Order captors.

She is even to repel Kylo Ren's mind probing and use the Force to call Luke's old lightsaber to her at a pivotal moment on Starkiller Base. May we remind you that she does all of this without any formal training.

On the other hand, Luke's has a movie's worth of training before he's able to use the Force to fire his proton torpedo into the Death Star's exhaust port, which destroys the superweapon before it Yavin IV can suffer the same fate as Alderaan.

Struggles of an ordinary teenager in luke carvers the falcon

Obi-Wan taught him not to trust his senses all the way back in the Millennium Falcon, which comes in handy here. Kylo Ren is straight up embarrassed by Rey on Starkiller Base. Being unable to use the Force to read her mind is one thing, but getting your butt whooped by the untrained Rey is completely different.

She's never even held a lightsaber in combat at this point, yet she has no problem handing Kylo Ren his butt in their climactic duel.

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Luke didn't even face Darth Vader in his first movie. The young Rebel escapes Cloud City utterly defeated and with one less limb.

Is she seeing the past, the future, or both? How can she have memories of the Knights of Ren if "she's never met them? We probably won't know the answer to these questions until Episode IX or beyondbut one thing's for certain: Luke sees a city in the clouds and his friends being tortured by the Empire.

He has no choice but to leave Dagobah and abandon his training to save Leia, Han and Chewie. But he doesn't unlock this foresight until much later in his adventures. Rey can see things almost from the beginning. The same can't be said for Luke, who almost falls to the dark side during his fight with Vader on the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi.

In fact, he even chops off his father's robotic hand in the process.

Struggles of an ordinary teenager in luke carvers the falcon

Luke is probably one strike away from the dark side. Rey has a lot to be angry about, too.10 Healing the Ten Men, Luke Jesus healed the ten men with leprosy. To remember Jesus deserves and expects our thanks and praise.

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