The key things to take care of in conflict resolution in a team

Losing talent because of a lack of promotional opportunities? Generational stereotypes obstructing communication and productivity?

The key things to take care of in conflict resolution in a team

C M Patton Keywords doctor nurse conflict, employee conflict healthcare, hospital employee conflict, interpersonal conflict health care, physician nurse conflict Citation C M Patton. Conflict in Health Care: The Internet Journal of Healthcare Administration.

Abstract Direct patient contact health care employees such as physicians, nurses, and technologists work in complex, stressful environments that are prone to conflict. Though some of this conflict may result in positive outcomes, much will have the opposite effect.

Dysfunctional conflict has the potential to negatively affect the health care workplace on a variety of levels, including impacting the quality of patient care, employee job satisfaction, and employee wellbeing.

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Therefore, it would behoove hospital managers to learn to recognize the precursors to conflict in order to prevent any ill effects. The purpose of this literature review is to offer an overview of the antecedents and effects of conflict among health care workers.

Both positive and negative effects of conflict are addressed. Also explored in this review are methods in which negative conflict can be adequately managed and resolved. Although there is no universal definition of conflict Cox, ; Katielidou et al. As pleasant as it may seem at first glance, the total avoidance of conflict is more a fairytale than a realistic expectation.

In fact, though there are multiple negative effects of conflict, there do also exist some benefits. This positive effect is often overlooked. Society tends to lend the term conflict a negative connotation. For example, the word war is synonymous with conflict. Wars are often viewed as events to be avoided at all costs, yet organizational conflict will occur more frequently and is expected by wise leaders.

Without conflict, problems develop. With chronic conflict, problems develop. Maintaining a delicate balance is the responsibility of organizational leaders.

Leaders of companies must inevitably face the issue of conflict in their workplaces. Health care leaders are certainly not immune.

The key things to take care of in conflict resolution in a team

This literature review will seek to answer key questions regarding conflict among direct patient contact health care workers, namely the following. The implications for further research and the future of the health care workplace regarding conflict will also be discussed.

Dynamics of Conflict Conflict is a complex behavior. It can occur on various levels — intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup, or intergroup. Intrapersonal conflicts occur within the person, whereas interpersonal conflict takes place between people.Some level of conflict between team members is an unavoidable part of almost every workplace.

Fortunately, many disagreements are minor and soon forgotten, and an effective manager recognizes when he or she can afford to simply overlook a conflict or rely on the parties to resolve it on their own.

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Conflict Resolution Skills Building the Skills That Can Turn Conflicts into Opportunities. team building, and improved relationships. Conflict A conflict is more than just a disagreement. Why emotional awareness is a key factor in resolving conflict. A - C ABUSE See Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Neglect. Back to top ACCOMMODATION Accommodation is when a child or young person is being cared for by Children’s Services with the agreement of: their parents or those with parental responsibility or the young person themselves if they are aged 16 or Abstract. Direct patient contact health care employees such as physicians, nurses, and technologists work in complex, stressful environments that are prone to conflict.

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problem solving, team building, and improved relationships. When you resolve conflict and Four key conflict resolution skills the ability to take conflict in stride and resolve differences in ways that build trust and confidence. Conflict.

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