The review about the effect of

The Zone mechanic is a brilliant addition. Tons of modes for different moods and skill levels.

The review about the effect of

So much more than falling blocks How do you modernize an icon like Tetris? You leave the mechanics alone!

The Verdict

Tetris Effect is the same perfect puzzling we know and love, but so much care has gone into enhancing every other facet of the experience. It's Tetris by way of the folks responsible for games like Lumines and Rez Infinite. In short, it's beautiful. Every single level has its own finely-tuned visual theme, sound effects, and music, and all of those elements exist solely to put you in your own little zen world.

I knew Tetris Effect would be good, but I vastly underestimated just how engrossing it could be. November 9, MSRP: Part of that stems from the grading system, which feels tough but fair to an average-at-best player like me.

Earn a C in one of the many side modes, and you won't want to rest until you've bumped that grade up to a B then an A, and an S, and so on.

Even if you come up short, you're still earning experience points for your profile every step of the way.

The review about the effect of

While I fully recognize that it's a meaningless number attached to an avatar, damn does it feel good to see that XP bar fill up. That positive reinforcement will keep you motivated, but the real draw is the satisfaction of stitching together falling puzzle pieces into a cohesive whole. Despite its lavish visuals, this is still a traditional Tetris game through and through.

That said, Tetris Effect does have one trick up its sleeve: You can't spam it, and it's by no means a get-out-of-jail-free card. The Zone feels like a natural extension of Tetris. To make the most of it, you'll need to think multiple steps ahead and be ready to improvise.

The mechanic is also thematically appropriate. Tetris Effect is immersive in every sense of the word. The two dozen or so main story levels have themes ranging from tropical to urban to cosmic, and they aren't just pretty backgrounds. Every stage has custom visuals and sound effects for the puzzle pieces.

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