Whap chapter14 cornell notes

Carraway World Civilization I October 22, Genghis Khan Genghis Khan was both a feared military conqueror ad an intelligent administrative of the empire he created, but I think that khan being an intelligent administrative of his empire was the most important of the two of shaping the modern world. Its most his techniques he used as the military conqueror that made me certain. Khan fighting techniques shows that he has leadership skills, he was able to the find his He was born with the name of Temujin, which means 'iron worker' in his native language.

Whap chapter14 cornell notes

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Whap chapter14 cornell notes

Visit our Plugin Help Center for help with downloading plugins. Chapter Outlines Chapter Industrialization opened the gap between Europe and the rest of the world, with Britain leading. Third World income per person stagnated before Two schools of interpretation of resulting income differences: The West used science, technology, and capitalism to create wealth.

The West used superior power to steal much of its riches from the rest of the world. The World Market Britain led the world in manufacturing and, afteras a market for goods from other countries.

Railroads, steam vessels, and the Panama and Suez Canals helped expand trade. From the mids France, Germany, and Britain invested massively abroad. Most of this capital actually went to Europe itself or to the Americas. The United States Navy forced Japan to open its ports to foreign trade Western Penetration of Egypt Muhammad Ali modernized the Egyptian army and government, hired Europeans, and made Egypt autonomous within the Ottoman Empire first half of s.

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Arabic replaces Turkish as official language. French company built Suez Canal Cairo got modern boulevards. Inability of Egyptian government to pay off massive debts due to modernization. The British occupied Egypt to force payment About one-third of all European emigrants came from the British Isles.

German emigration peaked later than British sand Italian even later increasing through Less than one-half of European emigrants went to the U. European Migrants Most European migrants were young, unmarried peasant farmers or village craftsmen.

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Some ethnic groups, such as Italians, had a high rate of return to their homelands.What is Study Notes? That's easy — it's the best way to study for AP classes and AP exams!

StudyNotes offers fast, free study tools for AP grupobittia.com AP study guides, practice tests, and notes are the best on the web because they're contributed by students and teachers like yourself. Civilizations of the Fifteenth Century: The Islamic World List the three Islamic empires that ruled during the 15th century and the area each ruled.

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Whap chapter14 cornell notes

WHAP Chapter14 Cornell Notes Essay Chapter 14 The Last Great Nomadic Challenges: From Chinggis Khan to Timur I. The Mongol Empire of Chinggis Khan A.

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The Making of a Great Warrior: The Early Career of Chinggis Khan 1. Born Temujin to tribal leader, but father poisoned 2. World Cornell Notes: AP Euro Cornell Notes: AP World History: Click here to download AP World History Summer Assignment.

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