Women in magazines essay

It was written up for Notes from the Third Yearbut the editors did not use it.

Women in magazines essay

This information comes from many sources, most common of which are television and the internet. Media, thus, controls many lives, in a sense, through its sharing of information and of course, various publications.

Magazines and newspapers cemented their existence long ago, yet it is today that varieties have multiplied and information has become trivialized.

One must recognize this when seeing the kinds of "news" that the media shares, and especially when analyzing the angle of such important information. Yet many newspapers and especially magazines have, in a way, become almost fragmented by their own biases, controlled by a need to specialize in order to sell copies.

This is true of many men and women 's magazines, where it is evident that certain photos and articles cater to a certain community.

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Thus, stories in this medium are presented in a light that is not always welcomed or beneficial. In order to further analyze these statements, one must look at some examples. Below, the essay will present four such instances, from two men's magazines and two women's magazines, in order to see how information is presented to the various genders, and for whom this information is elucidated.

After this initial description, or presentation, of the magazine's front cover photos, as well as the captions, the paper will analyze various questions related to gender in the media, which will be asked and subsequently answered below. The photo is of Woody Harrelson, an actor, who is shown resting on what seems like a tire swing, or a chair.

Harrelson is holding a very thick rope with his left hand, and has a pleasant expression on his face, though he is not quite smiling. The headlines that encircle this photograph state, in clockwise order, from the upper right corner: An Expert's Guide 6 Top Chefs: Inside the Bloody War on the Mexican Border As can be seen from this rendering, the headlines encircling Harrelson's photograph are very specific, or specialized and, in many ways, very macho.

Yet one cannot generalize from this particular magazine's rendering of what men should be reading, for the next to be analyzed has quite a different take.

Whereas in the Men's Journal photo shoot Harrelson appeared at ease, relaxed, with nothing to prove, wearing only a shirt and jeans and appearing in the countryside. Jennifer Love Hewitt in Maxim In Maxim, the second magazine to be analyzed, male readers are presented with an almost-naked photo of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Though the actress is wearing a flowery coat, underneath this covering she shows a bra and panties set, and her bare body.

The headline accompanying this very sexy picture of the actress reads: America's Sweetheart has a Naughty Secret!

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In counterclockwise order, the other headlines read: No boring stories with stuff you don't care about! Can't we all just get along? As one can see from the above titles, almost half of them have exclamation marks.

Another half talk about women, sexnaughtiness, and spanking.

Women in magazines essay

Though the magazine is geared towards men, Maxim is a far cry from the serious sounding subjects found in Men's Journal, above, and even includes a note, rendered above, in bullet point number two, to warn readers of the non-boring, 'juicy' articles and photos to be found inside, thereby inciting the entire male population to delve further into seeing what is behind the sexy cover of Ms.

Megan Fox in Cosmopolitan The next two photos are expected to be different from the above-two, mainly because they are found in women's journals.

Yet both photos, in Cosmopolitan and Glamour respectively, exude sex as well as or even better than the photo in Maxim, though in a more demure fashion.

In the first photo, found in Cosmopolitan magazine, the reader sees a very sensual Megan Fox on the cover, with the question: Thousands of Guys Reveal What Really Flips Their Switches, and 6 25 Fun, Free Dates It seems, after reading the magazine's cover page that the entire publication is geared towards sex and strange gynecological stories, very unlike the previous magazines presented.

In this publication's case, one can see an effort, almost cult-like, being promoted to make women more aware, in tune, etc.

Meant to advise, this topic seems quite overbearing, especially when one knows the magazine's history of including similar articles time and again.

Jennifer Lawrence in Glamour In the fourth magazine, thing become, once again, a bit more serious. Though the actress on the cover, Jennifer Lawrence, strikes a sexy pose where her cleavage is clearly visible underneath a sequined top, the headline only promotes her latest movies, while other advise on things like clear skin, fashion, finance, hair styles and of course, sex, though this last topic only takes up a bottom corner of the cover.

There is also a headline stating "It was 3 A. When compared to Cosmopolitan, Glamour seems very genuine and effortless, trying to cover many topic in which women would potentially be interested.

Patterns in Covers and their link to Advertisements From these four magazine covers, presented above, certain patterns emerge. The headlines clearly focus on action, sports and violence in the men's magazine, with certain sexual components.

Yet in the women's magazines, sex is everywhere: When one compares advertisements, it seems that in the male oriented magazine the focus is on fashion, but moreso on gadgets, technology, and news, or science.Longtime Republican Caitlyn Jenner supported Donald Trump’s bid for president in and has stuck with him through controversies such as the Muslim travel ban and the repeal of the Affordable.

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Peggy McIntosh is associate director of the Wellesley Collage Center for Research on Women. This essay is excerpted from Working Paper "White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming To See Correspondences through Work in Women's.

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